FAQs - Weddings

We have no dance experience, can we still book lessons?

Of course you can! Whether you're a Strictly Pro or somebody with two left feet, we will tailor our lessons to you and your abilities. One of our core missions is to send you into your big day feeling comfortable and confident, so we will go above and beyond to fill you with confidence in your own abilities.

How much space do we need for our lessons?
Can we hire a venue for our lessons instead?

You don't need as much space as you think. If you can hold your partner with your arm outstretched and spin around without hitting anything, you have enough space!

Can we choose our own song?

Of course! It's important that your song means something special to you and your partner, and our professional teachers can choreograph a wonderful routine to whatever song you choose.

Yes, that is definitely possible. If you wish to hire a venue, it may be easier to liaise with a local venue yourselves as you may receive a better deal for being a member of the local community. If you would like us to arrange a venue for you, you will be liable for the venue hire fee plus a 15% administration fee.

We have booked a band to play our first dance song. Is this a problem?

Of course this isn't a problem, it is your wedding day after all!

We would recommend that you have an honest conversation with the band about the song. You want to make it clear that the song needs to sound exactly like the track you're practising to so that you know exactly what's coming for.

What shall we wear for our lessons?

We always recommend that you wear what you feel comfortable in. As long as you can move in your outfit, you can wear it!

We recommend that you have your shoes for the big day (or heels of a similar size) so you can practise in them and get a feel for the routine in the shoes.

When it comes to dress specifics, your choreographer will have a private discussion with you on the day (away from prying ears) and find out speifi details. This way, they can identify any restrictions or limitations and adapt their choreography accordingly.

How long before our wedding should we book?

We normally recommend that your final lesson takes place 2-3 weeks before the wedding, so that it isn't a cause of stress the week before your big day. If you are making a block booking of 3-4 lessons, this means you want to be starting 6-7 weeks before the wedding day.