Welcome to The First Dance Company! We will help you to get rid of your nerves (and your two left feet) and teach you a fabulous first dance for your wedding.

We provide dance lessons across the country, including Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Manchester and Yorkshire. We cater to suit everybody's tastes - everybody wants something slightly different after all! We offer everything from single lessons to learn simple steps and style, to full packages in which we will teach you to perform your very own unique first dance, choreographed just for you. We can even help you to recreate your favourite movie moment (did somebody say Dirty Dancing?) to give you the ultimate wedding dance to remember!

No request is too big or small for us - everyone has their own tastes and ideas on the perfect wedding dance. You can be as simple or as imaginative as you like!

All of our teachers are highly skilled professionals. They have vast amounts of experience in teaching, choreographing and performing dances of all different styles. We are confident that our team are capable of bringing that special something to your first dance, and indeed your wedding.

The First Dance Company is here for you. Not only do we aim to shake off those first dance nerves and create wonderful dancers, we want you to find the enjoyment in dance (whatever style you choose), make the most of some quality time together, and maybe even discover a new hobby!

We have never met anyone who can't dance and we truly believe that anybody can do it with the right guidance.

Your wedding day is a truly magical experience, and many people say it's the best day of their lives. We are honoured to have had the pleasure of adding that 'extra sparkle' to couples' weddings through our first dances across the UK, and we hope that we can be a part of making yours even more special too!

Wedding First Dance Lessons

Call us today and we can provide dancing lessons for you and your partner, so the first dance at your wedding becomes a highlight of your special day.

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