First Dance Company Testimonials
First Dance Company Testimonials


"Me? Dance? At the wedding?! Nah, I don't do dancing..." Sound familiar?

As you progress through your wedding plans, you will eventually come to discussing your first dancel, and once you've spent an extraordinary amount of time listening to countless songs, you will realise that there is no escape: you will be dancing, just the two of you, in front of most of your friends and family.

Most couples don't ever dance together (drunken dancing to 'Oops Upside Your Head' doesn't count!) so it comes as no surprise that more and more people are seeking help from professionals now. And with the multitude of styles and inspiration in the media, why not? You can pick something as simple or as adventurous as you dare!

Most of our clients go for the simple and stylish option. 'Just stop us swaying around on the spot for three minutes!' is my top 'most heard' phrase!! And of course, we always get rid of that annoying disorder of - 'two left feet'!

Your lessons are always private - just the two of you and your teacher - and are held either in the comfort of your own home or in a local dance studio/hall. Through your first dance lessons you will learn the steps and style to complete your specially choreographed dance to your chosen first dance song.

The most common choice of lesson is the five hour block booking, which results in couples learning and performing their routine with style and confidence. Most start out in silence with concentration and nerves but by the last lesson are discussing what to have for dinner and giggling about last night's Corrie whilst whizzing around the floor!

Of course, in this time of the credit crunch, wedding budgets are being squeezed, so a new trend of one to two hour intensive lessons is emerging. In this option, a couple will learn some basic moves and steps to perform with lots of style! They can then use these move in their first dance as they feel appropriate, and indeed to use throughout the night. A great many couples have found this very beneficial.

There are no rules about your first dance, although traditional and romantic is still the most popular choice. But, there are some original ideas out there too. Most people have seen the re-enactment of Dirty Dancing on You Tube: And there are some more unusual options out there too - 'I love big butts' and 'Thriller' being two favourites!

Music length is something that couples don't think about, but please DO! Try and keep the song to three minutes - the longer it is the more you have to dance and learn (!), but more importantly, the longer you have to keep your 'audience's' attention, which can be tricky when there is lots of champagne around…

That said, medleys are increasingly popular, when you just can't chose ONE song. We are lucky enough to have our own music editor who can make all this possible!

The best advice we can give for a really successful first dance is to look at your song choice options.....and then go for it! It really ads something extra special to your wedding, and your guests will love it! You'll only have the chance to do your first dance once, so why not do it in style?

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