First Dance Company Testimonials
First Dance Company Testimonials


"Our wedding was Saturday and we just wanted to get in touch to pass on a massive thank you to George. We really appreciated all his help putting our first dance together and it was great to not be feeling nervous about the dance and just enjoy it! "
Elizabeth & Peter Stewart

"We have had our final lesson now, I just wanted to thank you for your hard work in bringing it all together, it is much appreciated. Also, if you could pass on our thanks to our choreographer Rochelle, we couldn't be happier with the routine she put together for us. She is a great instructor and took our complete lack of skill into consideration and was very patient with us both [me in particular!]. I shall be recommending your services to my friends who are getting married in the future. "
Penny & Daniel Pitts

"We had an amazing time learning and practising our dance with Sarah and it all paid off because we had the best time at our wedding reception and all our friends and family were shocked as we had not told anyone we were having lessons! We would recommend the experience to anyone! :) "
Jenny & Nathan White

"I just wanted to let you know that we have now finished our dance sessions with Sarah and just wanted to say that we really enjoyed being taught by Sarah, she is a great teacher; very professional with alot of patience and an excellent teaching style and we would highly recommend her to any of our friends that are getting married this year. She has given us real confidence in an area we were both quite uncomfortable with when we came to you initially but she constantly encouraged and pushed us and we feel we have really achieved alot with her. ; "
Laura & Aaron Zitver

"We've just returned from our honeymoon and would like to say thank you so much for teaching us our dance for our wedding... You gave us the confidence to carry off a first dance to be proud of. "
Jo & Mike Bednarek

"...just wanted to say a really big thank you for helping us with our first dance. It was so nerve-wracking to think about but you made it so stress-free. We really enjoyed the lessons...We even miss practising...Everyone was very impressed too, and more than a bit surprised! We're so glad we had a 'proper' first dance, I think a lot of people regret not making more of it, so it'll be a happy memory for us. "
Catherine & James Bingham

"If you are looking for that 'something extra' to add to your wedding day, then look no further than The First Dance Company - a flourishing company with fresh ideas and lots of patience! The joy on my daughter's face as she was lifted into the air by her new husband lives with me still."
Teresa (a very proud mother-of-the-bride!)

"...(Sarah Was) excellent. Paul and I thought she was great. Very calm, relaxed ...and filled us with confidence. She knew her dancing that was for sure. Quick to change things if we found something tricky, had solutions for any problem knew exactly what she was doing. Most of all though she was just really nice and we got on very well together."
Sarah & Paul Oliver

"We really liked Jess and she managed to get the balance right between having fun but ensuring that we were learning too. We absolutely loved our routine and really enjoyed surprising our guests on the evening. It was just another aspect of the day that we were looking forward to. We would recommend this to everyone - swaying for 3 minutes is just not fun!"
Annelise & Henry Keenan

"Thank you for all your hard work in creating a fab first dance for us. I think we pulled it off, the crowd loved us !!!! We had such a wonderful time"
Helen & Brian

"We really enjoyed the evening (we had the lesson), although it was wedding related we both found it really good to get out for the evening and do something rather than sort out wedding stuff! Would definitely recommend you!"
Mary De La Casas & Steven Tricky

"Just thought we'd drop you a line to let you know how it went. Everyone was stunned and impressed, especially our parents! We have also upset a couple of our friends who are marrying later in the year as they are now worried that we have set the bar too high!"
Gail & Stephen Smith

"Thank you so much for our wonderful dance routine! We have loved our lessons and think we will miss them. Our teacher was very sweet, reliable and down to earth. It was also great just taking time out to do something together."
Helen & Jex

"Jess is lovely; she put us both at ease straight away. She is a very good teacher. We were both very nervous as we are rubbish dancers and never normally darken the dance floor. Now we are both much more confident and it all came together despite our poor skills! Thank you so much for your help and patience over the last few weeks!"
Gail & Stephen Smith

"Our first dance was a great success!…Loved it, it was a real highlight of our wedding, thank you so much for the lessons!...We had a wonderful time learning with you, and we thoroughly enjoyed showing off at our wedding. Thanks again for being such a fantastic teacher and for making our wedding so memorable."
Meaghan Russell

"Sara and I really enjoyed the dance on the night and it went down an absolute storm with our friends and family which was fantastic!"
David Claxton

"We're really pleased we had the lessons - they definitely helped to make us feel more confident and I think the guests really enjoyed it!"
Jenny & Steve Stones

"We had a fantastic day, and the dance went down very well!"
Anna Morris

"We just wanted to say that the dance went really well at the wedding! Lots of surprised faces! Was a real highlight of the day for us. Thank you so much for helping us, we really didn’t think we had it in us!"
Sarah & Mike

"Just to let you know we did our first dance and everyone was blown away. They were totally amazed and were still talking about it this morning in the hotel at breakfast…..thank you so much for all your effort and patience with us. Steve’s mum had never seen him dance before in her life."
Lynn Dann






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