First Dance Company Testimonials
First Dance Company Testimonials


Per hour £50
4 hour block booking £180
5 hour block booking £225

A block booking of tuition time is the most popular, cost effective and provides the best results! The 'block' of hours is then split into lessons to suit your diaries.

For example, five hours is generally split into:
1 hour, 2 hours, 2 hours
1 hour, 1.5 hour, 1.5 hour, 1 hour
5 x 1 hour

An average length pop song can be completed in four to five hours with a little time for polishing up at the end!

A new trend is to book just two to three hours of tuition. In these lessons you will learn to move with style and poise, learn some basic steps and turns, and of course, confidence! This option is perfect for those who do not want a complete choreographed routine, of if you have nearly reached the end of your wedding budget!

If you are not sure how many lessons you want or need, please feel free to call for a chat:

The First Dance Company
Telephone: 01707 242 526
Mobile: 07772 323 435

We accept bank transfers, cash and cheques - made payable to The First Dance Company.
A deposit is payable in advance. A deposit is payable in advance (before the first lesson, not at the point of enquiry).

We understand how stressful organising a wedding can be, so we are flexible when it comes to booking and rescheduling first dance lessons. However, if you cancel or reschedule a lesson with less than 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee will be charged at the discretion of The First Dance Company. Full terms and conditions will be sent with your booking.






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